Webinar Of UMA Psychology,”Triggers of Violence in Children during the COVID19 Pandemic”

Faculty of Psychology, Medan Area University (UMA) held a webinar with the theme “Triggering Violence in Children in the Pandemic Period COVID19” on Saturday (07/25/2020) starting at 09.00 – 12.00 WIB. “

The webinar program was opened by a Lecturer from the Faculty of Psychology, Merri Hafni, S.Psi, M.Sc, Psychologist as the Moderator of this webinar event, and then continued with remarks from Mr. Prof. Dadan Ramdan, M.Eng, M.Sc, Rector of the Medan Area University

Rector of Medan Area University, Prof. Dadan Ramdan, M.Eng, M.Sc in his remarks greatly appreciated the activity. The Covid-19 pandemic has become a serious and significant global problem throughout the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has a large impact in almost all fields including Economy, Politics, Culture, Behavior and Education.

Rector of Medan Area University, Prof. Dadan Ramdan, M. Eng, M.Sc also gave an example of the latest news from a media about the increasing level of violence against women and children in the province of East Java during the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This violence includes sexual, physical and psychological violence.

Rector of Medan Area University, Prof. Dadan Ramdan, M.Eng, M.Sc also said that all circles should continue to campaign for the protection of children and women and to socialize children’s rights to parents.

Therefore, with this webinar activity, he hopes to have a deeper discussion about the triggers, factors and causes of violence in children during the pandemic, and find solutions to violence in children, and methods of discipline in children in psychological approaches.

The main speakers at the event were

  • Head of Postgraduate Islamic Law Study Program, Postgraduate Program, North Sumatra State Islamic University Prof. Dr. Nawir Yuslem, M.A
  • Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Cooperation in the Faculty of Psychology, Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University of Malang Dr. Elok Halimatus Sa’diyah, M.Sc
  • Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Medan Area Dr. Risydah Fadilah, S.Psi, M.Psi, Psychologist

The first material of the webinar was presented by Prof. Dr. Nawir Yuslem, M.A. Prof. Dr. Nawir Yuslem, M.A delivered his material, namely Islam and the Solution to Violence Against Children. In his presentation, Prof. Dr. Nawir Yuslem, M.A explained that the solution that we can do in an Islamic way on violence against children includes implementing an economic system, a social system, and also giving sanctions to violators who commit acts of violence and also the state is expected to provide quality education to students for free.

Then the next material was delivered by Mrs. Elok Halimatus Sa’diyah, M.Sc who delivered her material about the causes and effects of violence on child development. In her presentation, Dr. Elok Halimatus Sa’diyah, M.Si explained how to prevent violence against children by giving warmth, listening to the feelings of children, and communicating, fostering good interactions with children and facilitating children with positive things and always giving positive response.

The next material was presented by Dr. Risydah Fadilah, S.Psi, M.Psi, Psychologist who delivered his material on the Method of Discipline in Children in Islamic Psychology. On the presentation of the material, Dr. Risydah Fadilah, S.Psi, M.Psi explained the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the order of life, family and individuals. Mrs. Dr. Risydah Fadilah, S.Psi, M.Psi, Psychologists also explained the impact of distance schools and family education in an Islamic perspective.

Details of this webinar program can also be viewed on the Official Channel University of Medan Area

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